Interesting Facts About Tori Black

So you are looking for some interesting facts about Miss Tori Black? Well, did you know this Virgo stands an amazing 5 foot 9 inches tall? Tori Black has always been very active and that helps to keep her weight down. At last check she was only around 110 pounds but says she doesn’t really obsess about her weight and if she gains 10 or 20 pounds she doesn’t really give it a second thought. She has brown hair and brown eyes and her measurements are 34B-27-35 Her breasts are all natural and that makes her one of the few active and popular porn stars who hasn’t had a boob job.

What tattoos and piercings does Tori Black have?

She has one tattoo on her lower right abdomen. It is a 5 pointed star with interlocking rings. As far as piercings go she has a tongue and navel piercing although she doesn’t always wear them in every movie she does.

I heard porn stars have and go to the best parties. Any chance you could post some great party pics of Tori Black? I can only imagine how crazy she must get when she’s drunk if she’s open enough to be on film while sober.

Tori Black actually doesn’t drink. Sure she loves a good time like anyone else but she’s sober. In fact a few days before her birthday in 2009 she tweeted “My last day of being underage… Uh-oh… and no this doesn’t mean I’ll start drinking. FYI I’m sober. Yes I’ve drank before and that’s precisely why I don’t now. So thanks for the birthday love but no offers to go drink please!”

Is Tori Black married?

No. She has been in a few high profile relationships including once dating and even having a child with TeeReal and then having a very nasty and public breakup. She then got into another serious relationship with award winning director Minefreak, with whom she also had a child with. They also had a very very ugly and public breakup in 2016 when she posted a series of Instagram videos accusing him of raping a girl on set and beating her up. She talked a bit more about his domestic violence on Twitter after their breakup.

I heard Tori Black was going to sign a contract with Vivid. Is there any truth to this?

I spoke directly to a rep from Vivid and as of February 1, 2009 they said they too heard this rumor but it isn’t true and they didn’t have any plans of signing any new girls right now but who knows what the future may hold. I asked off the record if there was any weight to these rumors and my insider source over at Vivid said to the best of his knowledge there was nothing to this rumor, it was just that, a rumor but that Tori Black was “damn hot”. He probably got an eyeful of her sometime in late January of 2009 when she shot her first ever scene for a Vivid movie, working with Steve Holmes. Tori Black would twitter her fans just before heading out to work on that scene saying she was a little nervous to work with him because his penis is so huge but that she was excited to get to work for Vivid for the first time. Here is a picture of Steve Holmes, on the set of another movie he did with Tory Lane.

Does Tori Black have any pets?

Yes, Tori Black revealed on Twitter in March of 2009 that she has a cat that is 8 months old whose name is Prima and is a “bengal” breed of cat. Tori Black also has this to say about her kitty … “he jumps, fetches, talks, gets in my bath, all that. lol. she eats through all of her treat bags and food bags too. even when her bowl.